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We are a manufacturer representation firm that has worked hard to provide our principals, distributors, and our customers with a full service, professional representative group.  Sales & Marketing Dynamics is a sales and marketing company that offers services to manufacturers and suppliers.  Our intention and goal is to provide full service representation to manufacturers seeking to professionally market their products into the marketplace. We teach, train, and motivate distributors to accelerate sales!


Our outside sales engineers have over 60 years of combined experience selling as well as using the products we represent into multiple markets throughout Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania. We also manage a large warehouse for several of our manufacturers needing a regional distribution center in Northern Kentucky. Don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help you grow!

About Us

SMD has developed an integrated product offering from some of the top manufacturing names in our field.  The synergism of our manufacturers’ products is what makes our company gain continuous value within our distribution networks.  We work closely with each company and strive for a common link within each partnership that makes the most sense for all parties.

We simply strive towards an awareness to fill the needs of our distributors and their customers as a manufacturer representative.

To achieve your goals, we offer a wide variety of tools that will quickly become assets to your company.

SMD continually strives to increase our knowledge of the growing change within our industry by attending and participating in MANA meetings.  We also seek continued guidance from the principals we represent as well as ISA and STAFDA, which we are members of as well.

Our Skills

Manufacturer Representation
We are the best at what we do and would be honored to represent you!

We have a proven track record of boosting sales!

Continuous Education
We continually learn from you so we can train distributors on your product!

Promotion Assistance
Promotions on products leads to increased leads and new customers; we can help!

Central Location Support
We are in the middle of our region!

Web Development
Our highly skilled team of web developers can improve your web presence!

Social Media Marketing
Our team can help you sort through social networks and build your social media presence!

Mailing Services
We can help with physical mail and email!

We can stock some of your product in your warehouse to ship within our region for you!

Find out how we can help you!

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Industries We Represent

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a Manufacturer Representative Agency that covers the territory of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania with sales support located in Key market places throughout our territory.
Our service is marketing manufacturer’s products through distribution. By calling on distributors, as well as calling on and making sales directly to the end user then pulling sales through distribution, we increase sales in the marketplace. We Teach, Train, & Motivate Distributors.
Our most important services are both sales & marketing along with technical application support. We provide full service representation to manufacturers seeking to professionally market their products through distribution.
Our Agency is dedicated to excellence as a manufacturers rep to principals representation, service, and satisfaction.

Manufacturers that sell their products through Distribution channels.

We have distributors in every key marketplace throughout our territory that can give market penetration for each of the product lines we represent. 

We bring to your organization a background of past experience marketing products sold at both the user and distributor levels.

We improve our business through continuous education investments with respect to Sales & Marketing seminars, Technical Application seminars, and Certified Professional Manufacturer Representative classes.We provide for Manufacturers exactly what is in our name, Sales & Marketing.

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